Prayer for Peace in Haiti

Esperanza Calabuig rscj, Provincial of the The Antilles, shares this PRAYER FOR PEACE IN HAITI.  

We invite RSCJ communities and the Family of the Sacred Heart to pray together for the people of Haiti.

God of tenderness and Master of the universe,
You who walk with the peoples
and light up the history of each nation with your presence;
We turn to you with confidence. Listen to our plea.
Do not abandon the work of your hands, come to help our people.
Fill us with your wisdom and your Spirit,
so that all of your children in this country,
from east to west, from north to south, may join hands as brothers and sisters,
bound by the same history and the same love for their native country.
Lord, help us, by your grace, to make room in our hearts for justice and peace,
for love instead of violence, for forgiveness instead of hatred.
Let security and justice, development and a sense of the common interest be affirmed in our country;
give us courage and the grace of reconciliation,
let adversaries accept to journey together in peace, for the greater good of the nation.
Virgin Mary, Mother of Haiti, Queen of Mercy, Our Lady of Perpetual Help,
we turn our gaze full of hope to You. 
You to whom our nation has been consecrated;
you whom our people invoke without ceasing,
deliver us from all danger and remove misfortune from us.
May your people, who pray to you night and day,
always rejoice in your help and your protection;
may your children be united in their generous efforts
to rebuild this dear country that the Master of time and history has shared with us.