The probanists visit the Mother House

We, the seven probanists for 2023-2024, along with their directors, visited the Mother House on September 20, 2023. We met with the office staff of the various departments working for the congregation, such as the finance office, communication, General Council secretaries, and JPIC offices. We had a tour of the garden, the house, the chapel, the offices of the General Council and their collaborators. We had coffee with the team of collaborators while they explained their different roles at the Generalate.

Next, we had mid-day prayer with the RSCJs who live and work at the Mother House, after which we were invited for lunch with the General Council and other RSCJ who live around the area.

We are so happy to have met the staff and collaborators, and to have seen the coordination of international activities and how this functions at the Mother House. We were surprised at the simple life style of the General Council and their joy in welcoming us.

A very significant moment was when, as we were praying in the chapel, we noticed the original painting of the presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the cross that was there during Sophie’s time. From this space, the General Council offers prayers for each province of the Society every day. We really felt united with the international Society and our Cor Unum.

Probation 2023-2024