The Society of the Sacred Heart in ENW Celebrates 180 Years

  • Lit candle

On Saturday June 17th, 2023 the Religious of the Society of the Sacred Heart in the Province of England and Wales, gathered with friends, family, students past and present, co-workers, companions in mission, as well as professional advisors and former colleagues, for a momentous occasion: a thanksgiving Mass commemorating 180 years of mission in these islands. 

The joyful celebration took place at Digby Stuart Chapel in Roehampton, serving as a sacred space for reflection and gratitude. This special event brought everyone together to acknowledge the province’s rich heritage and ongoing commitment to its mission. During the Mass, heartfelt remembrance was extended to those who had paved the way, laying the foundations upon which the province now stands. Gratitude was also expressed for the present stewards, RSCJ and partners in mission who carry forward the Society's charism and mission.