Year of Prayer: Week 45

  • Image: Glenn Bahm

Our Timeless Source of Inspiration

The map held by St. Rose Philippine Duchesne could not suffice; she needed the guidance of the Spirit. The Spirit led our dear Philippine to the unknown and to becoming our Pioneer missionary to the Americas. This was the beginning of the outward movement of our little Society, the spread of her mission to many other lands, including Africa.

Her courage in crossing ever-new frontiers remains overwhelming! Philippine looks straight into our eyes, inviting us to respond to God’s callings in our world today, troubled yet rich in God’s graces. By her example, she reminds us that a journey marked by faith is never straight. Some days may be green and others grey, cloudy, sooty and unbearable.

Against all odds we face today, for example, wars, terrorism, the immigration crisis, climate change and its threat to human life, Philippine challenges us to dare not give up but to persevere until our dreams come to fruition. She is a voice whispering to us, sharing her impeccable admirable spirit, calling us to live more humanly, united as one body. 

May we set out, fearlessly, with our sails raised high, guided by God’s map, with Jesus Christ on our Rebecca. Ours is a journey of faith, mapped out as we navigate our own high seas to reach new frontiers, where human life is being threatened and needs to be defended. We look upon you, Philippine, to intercede for us, to have the same zeal for prayer and readiness to set out, and to set sail as a whole family of the Sacred Heart to new frontiers that beckon in our hearts.

Betty Susan Nankya Nsanja rscj