The Probation Community Celebrates Foundation Day at the Mother House

The Probation Community celebrated November 21 with the sisters at the Mother House, which also gave them the opportunity to meet all of the staff and to learn more about the Generalate.

Read their impressions below:

  • What stays in my heart are the faces of our co-workers who support us with great kindness, creating a base for the apostolate of the sisters from all over the world. In their words, I could feel that they not only find themselves at work as a well-integrated team, but work with our spirituality at heart. I thank them for their daily dedication and for building a ‘community of home and work’. And I thank God for our sisters at the Mother House, who dedicate their lives to create communion between us as RSCJ.  (Alicja rscj, POL)
  • It was such a wonderful experience to have celebrated the feast of our Society together in the Mother House community. I am grateful that in this special time we were able to share with one another, being introduced to the staff, getting a house tour, having a wonderful prayer together in their beautiful chapel and enjoying a delicious lunch. I was so touched by their warm hospitality, love, food, care, and smiling faces. Everyone was full of joy and happiness in celebrating the feast of our Society. May the spirit of our Society always stay in everyone’s heart. Once again, thank you to each member of the Mother House Community, thank you for your dedication and hard work for our Society, and thank you to all the staff for your hard work too.  (Fily rscj, INS)
  • On my visit to the Mother House, I was very pleased to meet with our co-workers who work diligently on our behalf, making life in communications and around the Society of the Sacred Heart a lot easier to manage and understand. They are a special group of people who are a growing part of our extended family in the Sacred Heart. I loved our tour of the Mother House. We had a lovely welcome from Meg and the members of the General Council who provided us with lunch from the kitchen staff, who were so friendly, helpful and warm towards our needs. Thanks to the members of the General Council for all their hard work and commitment to the needs of the Society. (Barbara rscj, IRS)
  • Thank you for everything, thank you for so much. This visit brought me closer to the heart of the Society, where one gives and receives…where one gestated and accompanied the journey…interweaving the dreams of Magdalena Sofía, of the Congregation, from the life of each Province, of each sister. But also, it brought me closer to the “life” in the Mother House, not only to the shared service between sisters and lay companions on the way, but also to the relationships of closeness and sisterhood that are perceived. Thank you for your dedication and witness. (Linda rscj, PER)
  • I am so grateful to have spent the feast of the Society with the sisters, praying together as an international community in the chapel of the Mother House. It is a very historical and deep experience for me to present the hope of our country to God through the birthday of our Society. I could feel that the feast of this year really united all the countries and we were sending peace to all the sisters and countries all over the world. Thank you so much for the generosity, hospitality, and warm welcome to us from the sisters and all of the staff. It was a wonderful time to get to know and to see how the staff works in the Mother House and it was so inspiring to see the community life of our sisters. I would like to say that coming to the Mother House is like coming to the womb of our Society. (Yolanda rscj, INS)
  • I am very grateful that this year I could celebrate the feast (222 years) of the Society, with my co-probanists and the sisters at the Mother House. Sharing together our hopes for each country in prayer and sharing our stories during the meal was a very beautiful moment as sisters. Thank you to all of the Mother House Community members and also all of the staff, who warmly welcomed us and showed us all that they are doing for this lovely Society. Thank you for all of your support for us. I am keeping you all in my prayers. (Adriana rscj, INS)

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