Solidarity with the victims of the war between Russia and Ukraine

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“Over the past four weeks we have been following the difficult situation that has arisen in Ukraine. Many people are suffering from the consequences of this war. Women, children and other people who had to leave everything for their homes and seek refuge in other countries. Those who remain in the midst of the conflict and those who have not been able to return to their countries. There are also those who are affected in different ways, such as the rising cost of fuel and shortages of food and medicine.”

From the General Council letter of March 23, 2022

The General Council has heard the desire of the Sacred Heart family to show solidarity in some way as an International Society. That is why they have created a new international fund for this purpose. The resources collected will be used to support projects and initiatives that directly serve the victims of the conflict, especially those involving our sisters in Poland and Hungary. Through the provincials of both provinces, they will ensure that the funds reach those who really need them.

If you would like to show your solidarity and make a donation to this fund, please contact an RSCJ to get the contact details of the provincial treasurer in your country.

In our broken and blessed world, we join in prayer for peace and stability, and we unite our efforts in working for justice.

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