The Secretariat Office

The Secretariat Office is responsible for:

  • Providing administrative support to the Superior General and the General Council to allow them to carry out their roles in the leadership of the Society: agenda, minutes, correspondence with the Society.
  • Assisting in the preparation for Society meetings, e.g. New Provincials Workshop, Assembly of Provincials, General Chapter.
  • Providing administrative support as appropriate, to ad hoc commissions or committees as well as to formation programmes, e.g. Probation, Ongoing Formation.
  • Organizing of files relevant to the work of the General Council and Secretariat, including the transfer of appropriate materials to the General Archives.
  • Setting up interpretation for meetings and translations for Society documents.
  • Providing channels of communication with provincial secretaries, enabling liaison between the Generalate and Provinces.
  • Ensuring that the data of all members of the Society is up-to-date in our database and managing the database’s maintenance and development. The Society’s annual catalog is generated from this database.
  • Overseeing the research and planning of travel for the Superior General and her team, including the required visas.
  • Offering daily technical and office assistance to the Mother House community.
  • Maintaining relations and contact with CIVCSVA and other institutions.

Meet our staff

Cuca Maset

Executive Secretary

Francesca Micucci

Assistant to the Executive Secretary

Dina Carchereux

Assistant to the Executive Secretary