Vocations news in USC for January 2024

In the spirit of embracing the Advent season, a series of enriching activities unfolded throughout December. One standout event was the Advent Retreat, specifically focused on young adults in La Barca, Jalisco. This retreat offered participants a space for spiritual growth and contemplation.

Directed by the SacredHeartDNA program’s Director, Sister Reyna Gonzalez, RSCJ, and core team member Itzel Gonzalez, the Advent Retreat provided a unique opportunity for young adults to deepen their spiritual connections. This personalized experience not only fostered a sense of unity and shared reflection but also exemplified a commitment to nurturing the faith and growth of all involved.

Adding an extra touch of festive engagement, the SacredHeartDNA program introduced an Advent calendar that captivated the hearts of both the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (RSCJ) and our vibrant young adult community. This thoughtful initiative provided a daily source of inspiration, further enhancing the sense of unity and spiritual enrichment throughout December. These activities received an overwhelmingly positive response from both RSCJ and young adults.

Reyna Gonzalez, RSCJ
Province of USC

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