Year of Prayer: Week 6

Heart to Heart for Hearts

Ever since I have come to know St. Philippine, she has become my friend and companion on my spiritual journey. Philippine’s voyage to the New World resulted from a profound conversation and call from the Heart to her heart for all hearts. God beckoned her to let go, take action and move, to trust in the winds that would pelt the sails of her Rebecca, and to hold onto the rudder tightly and courageously on the high seas.

Philippine faced many setbacks, though they did not alter her dream of reaching the hearts she longed to touch. She was an educator and loved children. Not able to speak the language of the people, she spoke with her heart more than with words. Indeed, she left an indelible mark in their lives. No doubt, the Potawatomi children appreciated her compassion, and those who watched her silently praying named her “the woman who prays always”.

Today God’s voice is calling us deep in our hearts to rise up against all odds. The assurance that all depends on God, not our own effort, gives us courage and opens our eyes to see everywhere opportunities that are opening up as an invitation to move towards a new world, to walk the unfamiliar plains, rocky grounds, mountains and jungles to meet so many hearts that are waiting to be touched and loved. 

Elizabeth Kasyoka nscj

Province |Uganda/Kenya

Our Spirituality |Reflections from Around the World