15 September: Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

Madeleine Sophie’s Prayer
to Our Lady of Sorrows
Holy Mary, Mother of sorrow and of love,
we come to offer you our heartfelt gratitude 
for the countless graces 
which our little Society owes to your intercession.
We solemnly acknowledge all that we owe
to your motherly protection
and the merits of your transpierced heart.
Complete your work, most holy Mother,
and guide us and all who shall hereafter join us 
in serving the Heart of Jesus through the Society.
Make us worthy of Him by teaching us to imitate
the virtues of your heart, so faithfully modelled on His.
Give us above all lively faith, true humility, and courage
which will help us to rise above suffering and stand with you,
calm and steadfast at the foot of the Cross.
Love gave you the Cross,
grant that the Cross may give us love;
and may there never be
for Religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus,
any other cross than the Cross of Jesus.​
May the Cross of Christ be our security, 
His death our strength and our confidence, 
His grace our consolation and support.
May you, Mother of Sorrows, 
be always the guide and protector of this little family….  
We renew without reserve our consecration to you, 
and we place ourselves under your care forever….

(Text from the General Archives, Rome)


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