2014 Provincials Assembly: Magnificat


On the last day of the Provincials Assembly, which was held on 1-17 September in Poland, the participants agreed that this "magnificat" expresses well their shared experience:

Like Mary who has accompanied us on our journey,
we sing as a community with her: 
We proclaim the greatness of the Lord 
and our spirit rejoices in God who has looked upon 
our little Society and the global world 
our fragility and our strength 
our fears and our confidence 
our diversity and our unity 
our light and our shadows 
our elderly and our youth 
our complexity and simplicity 
our roots and our wings 
our concerns and our joys 
our interdependence and our internationality 
our ambiguities and our clarities 
death and life 
We have been called, gathered and sent on a common mission. 
We are blessed! 
For the Almighty has done great things for us. 
Holy is his name. 
Like Mary, we were together with each other for some three weeks and then went home.

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