2015 Feast of the Sacred Heart

"Blood and water flowing from the pierced side of Jesus" (Society of the Sacred Heart - Mother House Chapel - photo by Joy Luz rscj)

"On this Feast of the Sacred Heart we turn our gaze to the God of deep compassion, to the God of love and mercy, who, knowing the world in which we live, its sorrows, violence, possibilities and challenges, reminds us that God is close to us, among us, teaching us to walk, raising us up in arms of love, curing, freeing us from yokes …
The readings for the Feast draw us into God’s powerful love, symbolized in the blood and water flowing from the side of Jesus, and expressed by Hosea, “my heart is overwhelmed, my pity is stirred. I shall not come to you in anger. I am God, not man …the Holy One present among you.”  With Paul, may we understand anew that that which is most important, which transcends everything, is love, to love in the way Jesus loves.​"

~ Excerpt from the message of the General Council


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