Assembly of Provincials 2022: Excursion to Granada

In the morning, still half sleepy, but very happy, we started our trip to Granada. An hour and a half on the road, some asleep, others chatting, still others enjoying the landscape that little by little got lighter…

At 10 am we had our tickets to visit La Alhambra, a complex of ancient palaces, gardens and fortresses initially built to house the emir and the court of the Nasrid Kingdom, which later became the residence of Castilian royals and their officials.

Everything was very well organized, the entrance, the audio tour, with enough time to get to know and to contemplate the artistic uniqueness of the interiors and gardens of the palaces, whose decoration is one of the high points of Andalusian art.  We were able to take pictures and walk together through this marvel.

At 2 pm we went at the Jardines Alberto restaurant. We arrived a few at a time…impressed by its beauty. The tables filled up and the delicacies began arriving. It was a delicious lunch, varied, abundant and enjoyed in good company.

Around 3:45 pm, we left to visit the house of the elderly sisters of Granada. There we celebrated the Eucharist, well prepared, giving thanks to God for what we had experienced, keeping in mind our world that increasingly demands justice and peace, a special petition for the Society of the Sacred Heart, in its deep desire for change and reorganization, to strengthen the MISSION of discovering and manifesting the Love of the Heart of Jesus in this broken and blessed world.

After this, the sisters provided us with a delicious snack and we were able to spend some time with them.

Thank you for what we experienced yesterday and for all that we have shared and experienced in these days of the Assembly!

Queny Gredig (CHI) and Margarita Gutierrez (BRA)

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