Care for Our Common Home

The UN-NGO and International JPIC Service
are happy to announce the new collaboration between
the Continental Popular Education Network and our UN-NGO Representative,
with the support of our international JPIC Coordinator.

You now have the JPIC document, Being Artisans of Hope in Our Blessed and Broken World. We now want to implement it and move forward together. We are working together among ourselves and with local and international partners. We want to promote awareness and action to care more responsibly and intentionally for our common home.
In conjunction with several international events relating to care for our common home, the Continental Popular Education Network and the UN-NGO Representative will facilitate education and action as One Body. The upcoming international events are:
1.  The Churches’ “Season of Creation”: September 1 – October 4
2.  The UN Climate Summit, New York: September 23, 2019
3.  The Synod of Bishops for the Pan-Amazon region, Rome: October 6 – 27
4.  The Santiago Climate Change Conference, Chile: December 2-13
Concrete education and actions being organized include:
1.  A prayer and reflection prepared for and circulated to the whole Society for the Season of Creation  
     Click on the title to access these two resources:

2.  The UN-NGO Representative to be present at and report to the Society on the UN Climate Summit

3.  The UN-NGO Representative and the International JPIC Coordinator to circulate updates to the Society from the Synod for the Pan-Amazon Region

4.  Continental Popular Education Network to meet in Santiago, Chile during the Santiago Climate Change meeting

5.  The theme of the meeting of Continental Popular Education Network will be “Care for Our Common Home”

In the face of the reality of the physical threshold that we have reached due to Climate Change, our response is not to the truth of the hard data of science, but to our relationship with Earth, people who live in poverty, and youth who want a future. We each have a role to play and our hope is that this collaboration in the Society will help us individually and collectively to do our part.




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