Centre Sophie Barat has a new website!


Come and draw from the well…..

the spirituality center animated by a community of
Religious of the Sacred Heart
in Joigny, France,
has a new website:





The Sophie Barat Centre:

  • Offers a space of calm and silence leading to prayer, “recharging your batteries,” reflection;
  • Is open to everyone looking for meaning and the inner life;
  • The whole year round, guests from the five continents are welcomed in French, English, Spanish and Italian;
  • For the family of the Sacred Heart, it remains a place of pilgrimage and meeting as they retrace the footsteps of Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat;
  • It belongs in a family setting, wanting you to feel at home, a place where you can come to draw from the springs of Christ’s love.
Welcome to Centre Sophie Barat!

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