CEU: International Youth Pilgrimage with the Sacred Heart Sisters


Our Sisters in the Province of Central Europe (CEU)

are inviting young people,

between 18-25 years of age with English communication skills,

to join the

"International Youth Pilgrimage with the Sacred Heart Sisters"

on 19-31 July 2016.


This activity, which is in connection with the XXXI World Youth Day to be held in Krakow, Poland on 25-31 July 2016, is an invitation from the RSCJs to young people "to go there together on foot." 
Erika Tornya rscj (CEU) writes on behalf of the organizing team:
Let’s meet on the 19th of July 2016 in the beautiful Polish town of
Stary Sacz and walk together to Krakow.


During the five-day long pilgrimage we will walk 120 km, learn different forms of prayers, admire nature, and spend time with each other in cheerful company. 

The group will stay together in Krakow where, after the collective beginning of the day, everyone can take part freely in the programs according to his or her interest. 

On the 31st of July after the final mass, everybody could travel home.

We are expecting brave, young people between 18 and 25 with English communication skills because youth from different parts of Europe are invited to join our group.

Apart from walking, if you are looking more deeply into the meaning of your life, or searching for peace, or seeking for your place in the world, then consider joining this pilgrimage.

For more information (application forms, venues, costs, and other details),
please contact Erika Tornya rscj:  pilgrimsacrecoeur@gmail.com  

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