“Communicating the Mission Globally”: Communications Handbook for Women Religious (UISG)

UISG (International Union Superiors General) has launched
Communicating the Mission Globally
Communications Manual for Institutes of Women Religious,
edited by Patrizia Morgante and Nick Schafer.

“We think that women have a specific style to live in the digital world.”

An excerpt from the introduction:

“We have dreamed of a very concrete tool for those who communicate on behalf of Women Religious and their ministries. You might ask: why is it just for women religious? ….

We decided to give a specific focus to women, because we think that women [religious] have a specific style to live in the digital world….

This Handbook aims to offer a description of the key role of Communication in Religious Life, providing a set of applications, programs and platforms to facilitate the task of the Communicators.

… As we meet communicators for religious life, we notice that we all face similar challenges, ask the same questions, live similar failures, and celebrate parallel successes.

This Handbook aims to support our work, offer concrete examples to solve problems, and guide us to be more effective in the ministry of communication… [as] we try to nurture a ‘culture of communication’ within the Religious Institutes….”

Click here to read more and download the handbook.
(available in English, Spanish, and Italian)

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