Covid-19 Update: Antilles

As of 27th March 2020

I am writing to you from Cuba, where I remain because I am unable as yet to travel back to Puerto Rico. The sisters in the three countries are fine, thanks be to God.

In Haiti, all activities are suspended. They have distributed food to the children from the school.

In Cuba, activities are also suspended, except for breakfast for the elderly. That continues for their survival. Here there are many queues for getting food — but for now, they are able to get it.

In Puerto Rico, life for the elderly sisters continues on, but without any visitors. The sisters who are coordinators are very attentive and organize activities. Except for reason of routine illness, the nurses are coming in for their shifts.

The Philippine community is fine. As a member of the university staff and in charge of campus ministry, Madelin is working online quite a bit.

Carmen Margarita, in Barranquitas, stays in touch by phone.

There has been a lot of communication by way of networks. We have sent Barbara’s letter to the Sacred Heart family and they have been grateful.

The three countries are trying to control the contagion and so far, they seem to be successful. There are some people who are infected, but the numbers are much lower than in other countries, thanks be to God. What they are asking of us the most is to keep our distance. Obviously, all religious celebrations have been suspended. We are praying for the whole Society, especially for Italy.

We have had an incident at Barranquitas—it was threat of a fire, which, thank God, stayed only as a great deal of smoke. But having inhaled the smoke, Carmen Margarita and the farm’s caretaker are in the hospital. They are fine and Carmen Margarita will go straightaway to Monteflores. We give thanks to God for the neighbours and people so committed to the house who helped immediately.

With a hug,

Esperanza, in the name of all the sisters of the Antilles

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