Covid-19 Update: Taiwan

As of 31 March 2020

Dear Sr. Barbara, thank you for your letter telling us about the situation of our Sisters in different parts of the world concerning this COVID-19 pandemic! Also we are very relieved and grateful that you all arrived safely at the Mother House.

Here in Taiwan, we are also careful and are following the government policy regarding the coronavirus. Our Sacred Heart schools are going on as usual, even though classes opened two weeks later than scheduled, and they are all very careful and working hard not to let this coronavirus enter the campus.

We three rscj in this community did not leave the campus for the past two months, except to go to the groceries and hospital. Also we stopped all activities in the Spirituality Center and Sunday Mass in the school chapel until the times are safe. So we are thinking of a new way of communication and would like to design new programs related to our Sophie’s garden and the beautiful nature on our campus. We are asking for God’s wisdom and help to guide us.

YES! All of us will continue to pray and reflect on these questions: “In light of the coronavirus, what does it mean to be Artisans of Hope in a Blessed and Broken World? How are we called to be more human in the radical style of Jesus? What is the transforming action of the Spirit that we experience in the silence? What frontiers am I being asked to cross and what life am I asked to accompany at the edge? With whom and how am I called to live a new solidarity?”

We also shared your letter with our mission partners and Sacred Heart family. We will even more be united as ONE BODY to continue to pray for the world and the victims of the coronavirus! May the Lord have mercy on us all, AMEN!

Chihwei Sun, Manling Chang, Kim EunJeong

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