Creativity Workshop in Japan and Indonesia

Fruits of the Creativity Workshop of the Japan Province (photo by Yukiko Aoki rscj)

For nearly 30 years now, the Japan Province
has been having an annual
Creativity Workshop.  
Last summer, a similar Creativity Workshop
was held in the Area of Indonesia.




Every year in Japan, the RSCJ gather together in Susono, where our retreat house is, for the Creativity Workshop.  We spend several days of sharing each other’s gifts.  This could be sewing, painting, dyeing, creating paper crafts, doing artistic origami work, as well as giving some talks, conducting taichi or dance sessions, and so on.  This is a time of great fun!  We enjoy being with each other, and we share and appreciate our various gifts.

At the end of the workshop, we hold an exhibit of our works in the chapel. Some of our creations are sent to Fukushima, as part of a project to raise funds for the ongoing reconstruction of areas devastated by the earthquake, tsunami, and radioactive contamination in 2011.
Some of the RSCJ at the Creativity Workshop with their works of art.
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This year, a similar Creativity Workshop was held in the Area of Indonesia.  Sister Mariko Adachi rscj of the Province of Japan was invited by the Area to give sessions on sewing and Japanese cooking to the young RSCJs.  
Sr. Mariko Adachi rscj (in green shirt) with the PTVs of the Area of Indonesia      


This was how she described her experience there:  

"It was the greatest and most joyful time I have had since my probation in Rome. My students were very eager. They were able to make skirts and blouses in only six days. It is amazing how fast they have learned and mastered the craft. They truly have genuine rscj spirit."

Both Mariko and the young RSCJ in Indonesia look forward to the next creativity workshop.

News and photos sent by Yukiko Aoki rscj and Mariko Adachi rscj

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