Dialogue: Sacred Heart apostolic priorities and young people

The International Vocations Commission invites RSCJ and the wider family of the Sacred Heart, along with the young people in your communities, to participate in this dialogue on June 10, 2023, about the heartbeats of society that resonate in harmony with the four apostolic priorities. As commissions, we take a moment to reflect on how these apostolic priorities resonate and respond to the interests and calls of young people today. That is why we have invited panelists such as Rachel Guillen, Gerardette Philips, Christine Mukoko, and Suzanne Cook, to join this conversation and share with us from their own experiences how they have identified this connection between the priorities and the calling of the young people in our community.

We asked our guests to answer these questions:

  • How do you live the apostolic priority from the Spirituality of the Sacred Heart?
  • On what ways do you see that through this priority young women feel the call to follow Jesus in the Society of the Sacred Heart?

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The International Vocations Commission


Section |International News|Vocation & Youth Ministry

Province |Belgium/France/Netherlands, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Indonesia, United States and Canada

Tags |apostolic priorities|prioridades apostólicas|prioritès apostoliques