2019 Easter Message

Easter 2019

Dear Sisters and Sacred Heart Family,

This brief e-note brings greetings from Upper Egypt as we enter more deeply into the mystery of life, death and resurrection of Jesus. I had hoped to write you a letter for Easter this year, especially in light of our communal search for new ways to fan the flame for mission and more closely align our dreams with God’s dream for all creation. To be honest, our immersion in Africa — the lives of our sisters and their people as well as the overwhelming experience of such serious economic inequity and the global complicity in social sin and suffering — has made it impossible for me to find the space and the time to write something of depth.
I do want to thank the more than 300 groups who reflected together on who God is calling us to be and what God is calling us to do and submitted their hopes, dreams and challenges to the Dream Catcher Team. Let’s pray together for the wisdom of the Spirit for the five members of this group: Núria O’Callaghan (ESP), Nancy Durand (PER), Margaret Mwarili (UGK), Patricia D’Souza (IND), Genelle Stock (ANZ), Erick Odmark (Consultant from USC), as they begin to delve into the meaning and intuitions of the reflections you have shared. They will be meeting in Rome with us in late May to help us create the next steps in preparation for the Special Chapter.
From our different places around the globe let us pray together that Jesus’ ultimate act of love, letting go of his life for the sake of his Father’s mission, will penetrate our hearts. May Jesus’ love transform us and give us the same hope and energy that Mary experienced when she encountered her Beloved and ran to share the good news that Jesus is risen and new life is possible.
With love and prayer,

Barbara rscj


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