Ending the General Chapter Coverage


The 2016 General Chapter closed
on the 10th of August.
"We go forward in hope to live the mission,
as women of fire and sowers of seeds of new life."


A number of articles were posted
after we all left the Ad Gentes Center in Nemi, Italy.


Click on the title/link to read these updates:

Letting Come:  A brief reflection after Week 5

Video:  Thanking those who worked behind-the-scenes….

Video:  Closing of the 2016 General Chapter

Thanking the SVD Community at the Ad Gentes Center

Video:  Some places we visited….

Day/Jour/Día 36:  Goodbye, Nemi!


The 2016 General Chapter Webpage will always be available on our international website.
Just click on GENERAL CHAPTER 2016 on the left-hand menu to access the webpage at any time.
With this final post, we end the coverage of the 2016 General Chapter.
Joy Luz rscj and Ewa Bartosiewicz rscj
2016 General Chapter Communication Team


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