The experience that marks your life

I am a teacher at the Sacred Heart School in Granada and have had a four-week volunteer experience in the Philippines, along with the RSCJ and a group of teachers from SMSF (St. Madeleine Sophie Foundation).

In Montalbán, they have a center that takes care of children, young people, and families in the area. They have a lot of economic needs, and yet they always have a ray of light and hope in their eyes. This has made me see with new eyes the reality that unites us. 

They taught me that we don’t need much to be happy, and that support among one another, faith in God, and union can do a lot. I had difficult moments because of the language; but simple gestures, such as a smile or a look, can bridge these differences and lift the spirits.

It has been a very enriching experience. I have been able to take part in great moments, in times of work, living together, prayer, and leisure. It is a very familial community that has made me feel like one of them, even from the first day that I met them.  

This is an experience where I have learned a lot and that I will never forget.

Pilar Jiménez Martín

The following video, which is published in the YouTube channel of RSCJ España,
was created by Pilar to share about her experience in Montalban, Philippines.

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