An inspiring meeting of European Sacred Heart PTVs

On August 19-21, eleven European PTVs (Professed of Temporary Vows) and their five formators, from Hungary, Belgium, France, Spain, Poland, Ireland and England, came together on Zoom to deepen their understanding of living the vow of chastity. We started each of the three days with a prayer prepared by the young professed sisters from different countries. In the afternoons, Ellen Collesano RSCJ (USC) gave us inspirational presentations to help us achieve this goal. Equally important was the sharing in both large and small groups, which gave us the opportunity to experience how our community supports and strengthens our commitment to celibacy.

During this time, we thought about how silence, stillness and solitude are the foundation of our religious life with God and also of the vow of chastity. We talked about consecrated celibacy as good news for the world. The notion that we are called to be fully human – not perfect – and fully alive touched our hearts deeply. It was a time of re-receiving the “invitation to live in a more integrated way” (Life Unfolding, Offering the Gift). Even though the meeting was conducted online, we felt as if we were seated at one table, prepared for us by Jesus.

The Professed of Temporary Vows in Europe have their common formation meeting twice a year. Every year they work on one aspect of religious life as Sacred Heart Sisters.

Urszula Krajewska RSCJ

Warsaw, Poland, August 23, 2021

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