JPIC Meeting: Day 4

Our scarfs were used to make the big heart that was formed on the floor of the session hall.

After prayer, the fourth day started with the creation of a colourful, heart shaped timeline of our JPIC story, showing the Chapters Calls since 1967, individuals recalling their impact and an invitation to all to add other significant moments. Finally, we each stood at the points we had entered the story. The passion for JPIC was loud and clear in this interactive and moving telling!

The next three sessions were devoted to reflection and analysis of province project reports, sharing in regional groups, followed by a plenary report to all. Our focus was on transformation and hope. A real insight into JPIC on the ground.


Thanks to “Zoom” and technical know-how, Dr Juan Luis Hernandez Avendano, fourteen hours away in Mexico, gave us a fascinating lecture on the realities of today’s world. Then dance and song led us joyfully through to supper!

An intense and productive day. We are all looking forward to the Feast Day tomorrow!

Hilary Thompson
International Education Commission

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