Madeleine Sophie Barat in my Life

For this period between the feasts of
Madeleine Sophie and the Sacred Heart 
we will be featuring articles from 
our collaborators and companions in mission.


Nathalia Rosalía Da Silva Arellano,
a teacher in the Study of Natural Sciences program of the
Instituto Pedagógico Nacional Monterrico ​in Peru,
shares about the place of Madeleine Sophie in her life
and highlights three attitudes of the heart:
fervor, faithfulness, and trust in God.
I live this time welcoming the tender presence of God and the presence of important women in my life.  This time of preparation for the bicentennial of Philippine is an opportunity for valuing the legacy of Madeleine Sophie, but above all, for valuing the attitudes of Mary, our Mother.

My dreams have led me to seek out ways of living their presence in the midst of daily life because each one of them contributes to the different dimensions of my formation: as a woman, a wife, a mother, and a teacher.

I want to emphasize the words that resonate throughout my daily work. “The times in which we live call for fervor, fidelity and generosity. The heart’s best security is to trust in God alone.” Madeleine Sophie captivates me and I would like to explain why more specifically.

Celebrating Mary’s presence during this Marian month, I begin discovering how FERVOR is key in the life of my family; discovering how to take on challenges with simplicity and wisdom — challenges like prioritizing time and space for prayer at night with my children to give thanks for all that has been received and to offer to God all that we are doing — in addition to participating in Eucharist on Sundays.  This space allows me to journey with my young one who is six years old and to help strengthen the relationship between Jesus and my ten-year-old.

Feeling the invitation to live transformative relationships as an educator has meant listening, accompanying, and leaving the work to Jesus in the complexities of human life.  Being a member of the community of educators at the Instituto Pedagógico Nacional Monterrico invites me to discover yet again how God calls us to give the best of ourselves in the mission and to walk with joy.

FAITHFULNESS comes from the intense love of God for the life that he gives us. God is faithful to us and that impels me to be faithful to my commitments.  Life is not easy. Many times, what happens to us allows us to discover the beauty of mercy and hope in God.

In the mission, young people in initial teacher training formation begin recognizing the healing presence of God in their histories and committing to live this spirituality through institutional activities.  In the Natural Sciences program where I teach, we have the responsibility of planning prayer and Eucharist. A significant example of this was the celebration for Earth Day.

And lastly, TRUST in God, believing in him, I feel how our life is in God’s hands and how God’s plans become our own when our joy in centred on living what God has planned for us.

Nathalia Rosalía Da Silva Arellano

Province |Peru

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