Malta celebrates the Feast of Mater on October 20, 2021

As we contemplate the picture of Mater, we are struck by her interior temperament, reflected in her beautiful face.  Mater is sitting peacefully, having laid aside her work. She enters into a deep state of contemplation, looking very relaxed and focused on God, waiting in silence to become in His word.

For us, she is a model of the contemplative in the world. We too are called to lay aside our business and converse with Him, who can transform us into the persons He calls us to become. During our prayer, we put our ministry in perspective. We remember afresh that it is God who works through us for the good of others. In humility we are then able to approach our various ministries, calmly knowing that we are just an instrument in God’s hands. Unless the Lord builds the house in vain do the builders labor. Psalm 127 v. 1

This hymn to Our Lady expresses very much for us her emptying of self and her openness to God’s Word, and invites us to follow her example.

Mary you listen

Refrain 1

Mary you listen, you wait in silence on God;

Emptying yourself, you are filled by His Word.

You say ‘Yes’ and God’s Word becomes man.

The Servant of God is the Mother of God.  Ref. 1.

The Servants of God are the Children of God.

Refrain 2

Mary, please help us to wait in silence on God,

Emptying ourselves to be filled by His Word.

To say ‘Yes’ to God’s Word become man.

You give Him yourself, He becomes in your life. Ref: 1

We give him ourselves, we become in His life. Ref: 2

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