Meeting of the Spanish and Polish Youth Ministry and Vocation Teams

On Thursday, February 29, 2024, the first meeting of the Spanish team for youth and vocation ministry, Caminando con jóvenes (Walking with the young) and the Polish Komisja Duszpasterstwa Powołań (Vocation Promotion Committee), which has a similar scope of activity, took place.

The members of the Spanish team are: Patricia Hevia rscj (coordinator), Olaya Mayans rscj, and María de Agueda (lay person). The members of the Polish team are: Alicja Banach rscj (coordinator), Urszula Krajewska rscj, Iwona Baryś rscj, and Iwona Drozdowska (lay person).

Our meeting and the exchange of ideas revealed the desire to get to know each other better and the need to give ourselves time to work out a common path. We will do this by reflecting both on our formation activities (forms of apostolate, projects, formation programs, etc.) and on the group of young people that these are aimed at.

We exchanged information about the Camino project, which is already underway (organised by teams from provinces such as POL, ESP, USC and MEX). We see that the Youth Meeting for the Jubilee Year 2025 in Rome, which we would like to be involved in, will also be an opportunity for us to work together.

We are happy to be able to co-create, step by step, the process of becoming a new province by working together in the area of youth and vocation ministry.

Alicja Banach rscj

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