Montalban Community in the Philippines hit hard by Typhoon Ulysses

The Philippines, which is still reeling from the last typhoon (Rolly), has been hit by yet another one (Ulysses). International media will show more photos, but here we share a few that were taken by those closest to us. The first three were taken by mothers connected to St. Madeleine Sophie Foundation (SMSF) in Montalban. Their houses are close to our community/property, which also experienced flooding due to the swelling of Montalban River (picture #4, green roof). The situation is even worse in many places, especially those that were hit by Rolly last week. The cry of the poor and the cry of our Common Home are deeply intertwined.

This morning Bethanie Sulleza rscj (PHI) visited the area in Montalban where many SMSF families live. She writes:

Many families were surprised by the impact of typhoon Ulysses. The intense rain and strong winds were frightening enough but what brought about great destruction was the flooding caused by the swelling of the river whose source is the Sierra Madre mountains now punctured by so many quarries.

The families in Montalban have experienced floods before but it never got to this level. Some families who had 2nd floor, thought that they would be safe there but the waters continued to rise giving them no choice but go to their roofs. They had to wait for hours, with their children drenched and shivering, for the water to subside. No rescuers came.

Now the families are focused on cleaning their houses and what’s left of their belongings. Their clothes would take 2-3 times washing before the smell and stain of mud can be removed. Rebuilding destroyed houses is a much bigger task and would take years probably. And a lot of help.


Joy Luz rscj 
Bethanie Sulleza rscj

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