My Call Me Back: An app for discernment, social awareness and reflection

With the two-fold goals of connecting with young adults in a creative, contemporary fashion and contributing to reflective action for justice, the Society of the Sacred Heart has developed a new mobile application. The My Call Me Back (CMB) app was inspired by the desire of Religious of the Sacred Heart (RSCJ) to make known the mission and spirituality of the Society of the Sacred Heart through a digital platform. This platform was chosen in acknowledgment of the need to meet young people where they are, whether physically or virtually. 

The app was developed with input from young adults throughout the United States and Mexico who expressed a desire for spirituality resources not available elsewhere on the Internet: It provides both virtual and face-to-face platforms for young adults to explore, reflect, create, discern and connect with other young adults. It is a both a medium and a place to share one’s restlessness, searching and desire to live lives of meaning, depth and integrity. 

The face-to-face platform is through Lifeline Weekends, a weekend of reflection and sharing which will draw from the App content so that there is continuity between the digital and physical venues.  

There are eight CMB components:

Faceworld is a way to reflect on the world context, social issues and the reality of young adults today.  

My Route is to explore the questions and intuitions, opportunities and calls of their lives.  

Belonging is a tool for reflecting on one’s experience of belonging to a group, a project, a dream. 

My Creations helps people to get in touch with their creative experience through drawings, music, etc.

My Journal helps people learn and apply guides for prayer, daily examen, principles of discernment and praying with some of the Society of the Sacred Heart’s founding mothers like Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat and Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne.

My inspiration contains quotes from the Gospel, Romero, Martin Luther King, etc. to inspire.

My Toolkit contains the different activities and workshops we offer (e.g., retreats, leadership training, shadowing a sister, service learning, project design, etc.)

Home: Portal where one finds access to various areas of the Society of the Sacred Heart. 

St. Madeline Sophie told us “the world changes and we must change with it.”  The Society, like so many religious congregations, was born out of a revolution.  St. Madeleine Sophie saw a need, heard a call and responded to it precisely because of the revolutionary environment.

The digital revolution has also generated a need and there is a place for and a call to religious life. Call Me Back is one way of responding with both a spiritual and mission orientation with a spirit of discernment for whatever lies ahead for Catholic young adults today.

The CMB development team reflected a cross-section of life experience and geography. In addition to Reyna González RSCJ, it includes Maureen Chicoine RSCJ, who serves in New Orleans after many years in San Diego; Kim King RSCJ, who lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia; and Ms. Itza Martinez, a graduate student at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Together they developed a strategic plan and shared the labor of developing content for the various components. The content will be updated regularly to ensure that it remains engaging and timely so the division of labor is critical.

Call Me Back is available through iTunes and Google Play for $.99. Lifeline Weekends will launch in Spring 2015. If you would like to receive more information about the CMB app or the Lifeline Weekends please contact Sr. Reyna González at

Reyna González rscj            


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