Changes to the General Council

  • Isabelle Lagneau
    Isabelle Lagneau
  • Anne Corry
    Anne Corry
  • The new General Council
    The new General Council

It is with deep gratitude that the General Council and the Mother House community and staff say good-bye to Isabelle Lagneau (BFN), whois returning to Lyon in her home province for a time of rest and renewal. She has generously served the Society as General Councilor over the past five years and has significantly contributed to the life and growth of the Society. The General Council will miss Isabelle’s warmth, her dedication, her passion for education and the spirituality of the Sacred Heart, and her gentle smile. They and the Mother House wish her all the best in her new home in Lyon.

The new member of the Council is Anne Corry (ANZ), who brings with her years of experience in the area of formation to mission both within and outside the Society.  She has served most recently as the JPIC Coordinator for the International Society and currently as Secretary General. Her experience and skills will certainly contribute to the work of the General Council and the good of the whole Society.