Educational Mission: Taking Care of the Family, We Love Life

  • Volunteers at work in Mexico

The Educational Mission is a project developed in Mexico’s vulnerable communities with the support of volunteers during the summer and winter. Dealing with matters regarding communities’ state of affairs, and using recreational activities, its intention is to strengthen relationships, consequently developing the capacity for wholesome coexistence, involvement, and shared commitment.

However, with the pandemic still at hand, this project has been carried out virtually since the summer.

Since the educational mission has gone online, there is also the possibility of cooperation with volunteers from other countries. During the summer, a young Colombian girl was part of the team, while in the winter, a French girl —who was an ex-volunteer— took part in some of the activities.

Mony Valdez, a member of the youth group ‘Corunidad’ from Leon, Guanajuato, who has volunteered with us for two years, shares her experience with us:

“The mission implemented in the winter of 2020 was, without a doubt, very different compared to the one of 2019. Our motto was, “taking care of the family, we love life”, and honestly, I believe that we have accomplished this. The volunteers fulfilled a very important role in these virtual activities, as we needed to share and make use of all our abilities in order to be able to present content that was of interest to the girls and boys of the communities. But what’s more important was that everything we did, we did with love and immense passion.

One of the topics and activities of the mission was to decorate a little egg so that by the end of the week it could symbolize Baby Jesus in the Nativity scene; the challenge was to take care of him. Another very cool activity was a video call with the kids from the communities, which turned out to be extremely exciting for both the children and the volunteers.

In a nutshell, it’s an experience full of people willing to see beyond their own reality, and more importantly, a space filled with laughter, knowledge, love, solidarity, appreciation, and especially creativity. Overall, a mission like this is worth it for us, the people that participate in it.”

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We are grateful to all the people who made this educational mission possible; who organized and created the activities, who managed its social media, and especially to all those children, adolescents and adults who participated and learned together that, if we take care of the family, we love life.

Misión Educativa: Cuidando a la familia, amamos la vida