The RSCJ from DRC-Chad wish you a happy Feast of Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat!

This video was made to celebrate the Feast of Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat. It is an opportunity for us to continue to make the founder of the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus known through our daily lives. Each of us has shared what we appreciate in the life of our Blessed Mother, and which helps us in our consecration to the Lord as Religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

This video was initiated by Sister Blandine Basosa, with the participation of the sisters of her community of Limete, Provincial House: Albertine Fila, Dorcas Manona, Pascaline Magela and Ruth Lutangu.

Our future probanists from the community of Gombe also participated: Albertine Masunzwene, Annette Nsukula, Gandhi Nsonsa and Noëlle Maziku.

We also have a representative from the community of Kipako: Annie Nzila and another from the community of Mbansa-Mboma: Bernadette Umba.

The images are accompanied by the song “One heart and one soul in the Heart of Jesus”, traditionally sung in DRC-CHAD Province. The song was composed by Sister Elisabeth Masala and performed in this video by Sisters Blandine Basosa, Dorothée Nzuzi and Obierge Makiese. The lyrics are read by Blandine Basosa.

To view subtitles in English, Spanish or French, click on the YouTube icon on the bottom right to go to the YouTube page, and then click on settings, also on the bottom right, and choose your language.

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