I have arrived today. I am faceless.

  • Photo by Ana Luengo Michel (ESP)

I have arrived today, by foot and without a face, turning my back on my adventure.  I do not know what has happened to my companions...the sea leaves me in the sand. I know nothing more.

Behind me, my country, my family, my life -- my difficult life, uncertain and without a future.

I feel the pain of my people. In my tired eyes, I bear the loneliness of loss. I remember the moment in which I said, " I am going." I have fumbling feet and a wounded heart. 

And now, where do I go? I hope you would see me, pick me up, give me shelter, cure my wounds...recognize who I am.

Perhaps you, who have a full life and can distinguish yesterday from today and tomorrow, can look me in the eyes, open the door, give me a hand, help me to walk. Perhaps, if we each give something of ourselves, we might even become friends.

Tere Iribarren rscj          
(Translated and reposted with permission from http://rscj.es)