Meeting in Joigny of professed of temporary vows and recently professed of Europe

The PTV and Recently Professed of Europe
met in Joigny on the 8th to the 10th of August, 
along with some of those responsible for Initial Formation, 
and Cath Lloyd (ENW) who facilitated the meeting.​ 
“Together, who are we?” We, the youngest members of European rscj, were invited to share hopes, expectations and questions in the context of this question at this point in time, in our reality as region and walking together with the whole Society towards the next General Chapter in 2021.

To share our ways of living our diverse European realities we used drawings of women to represent our provinces. That produced seven images of women wherein we represented fragility, and life. These seven women, displayed on the walls of the meeting room, witnessed to a range of features: the passing of time, aging, what supports us and what weighs us down on the journey,  a grateful memory of so much life, questions that accompany us and the life that we are bringing into being. Seven women who, in an imaginative exercise invite us to be among them, and with Madeleine Sophie who was present to us in a very special way, being in Joigny. 

A phrase that was constantly repeated: the sense of the body, and not only at province level, also as European region. We felt the need to meet, to get to know each other better and strengthen bonds, we all need one another. 

Alongside other opportunities within our provinces, this meeting was a chance to commit ourselves to our life and mission. Many thanks to all who made the meeting possible, and especially to the Joigny community for their fulsome welcome. 

We will meet again in December in Miraflores de la Sierra, Madrid, with a desire to keep going with the process and the journey together.   

                    Olaya Mayans Porras rscj (ESP)