Opening of the Assembly of Provincials 2022

  • A warm welcome from Barbara and Nuria
  • Icon of Mary and Elizabeth by Pauline Darby SHCJ

The opening of the Assembly of Provincials 2022 took place on December 1, 2022. All of the provincials filtered into the spacious room, enthusiastic about working together. The meeting started with a warm welcome from Núria O’Callahan, the Provincial of Spain, who spoke about the lamps placed on each table, the symbol of a living faith. All of the participants then lit the lamps and candles on their tables to connect to Mary and Elizabeth, the bearers of light.

Barbara Dawson then gave her opening address. She thanked all those who helped prepare the meeting, and then proceeded to talk about the work ahead and about everyone’s commitment to and love for the Society.   

After the opening speech, the participants sang the Magnificat together. This was followed by the presentation of the gift for the provincials, the icon of Mary and Elizabeth by Pauline Darby SHCJ, to help everyone remember their spirit of tenderness and faith.