Poem: Comforter of the weak

  • Statue of Jesus

Entitled "Comforter of the weak", this poem by Sister Gandhi Nsonsa asks the reader to contemplate the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This Heart offers refuge to the desperate and help to the weak; this Heart is full of mercy and provides the poor with bread and peace.

Sacred Heart of Jesus

You who lift up the fallen man

In You, the refuge of sinners

An infinite source of happiness


Dispenser of all good on Earth

To our world saddened by wars

Give us the peace earned at the Cross

And may Your grace illuminate our choices


An inexhaustible source of life-giving water

For humanity at its worst

Pour out Your infinite mercy

Let harmony reign everywhere


Comforter of the weak

By Your unfathomable goodness

Giving bread to the poor

So that all may find something to live on


Thus to Your glory will the universe sing

Under the reflection of the Spirit of light

We shall contemplate the love of the Father

Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ


Sister Gandhi Nsonsa