Prayer for Vocations - October 25, 2023

Excerpt from Madeleine Sophie's Conference "On our Holy Rules (1). Excellency of our holy vocation" (72a, 1847. Pg.22-23)

The invitation is to be able to pray for our vocation and what this conference can help us in our prayer:

"How beautiful it is, how noble and sublime the vocation to which we have been called! Who among us has understood it well so far and even more so who has fully realized it? I feel unable, daughters, to make you understand all its beauty! 

Theologians say that everything that God has produced externally, creation and redemption, has the salvation of souls as its goal. Thus, everything in us must concur to this end, since we are associated with the  divine mission of Jesus Christ, and we want to continue the mission he accomplished on earth. 

It was necessary for the Son of God to come into the world to make known and glorify the Most Holy Trinity. For this divine mission he chose twelve Apostles. He has called us to this divine apostolate, to be its representatives, imitators. Before beginning his apostolic life Jesus spent thirty years in retreat, and we, by both active and  contemplative lives, gather the whole life of Jesus Christ. 

It is true that all of you love and esteem the vocation to which you have been called, but you must have a practical will that is not afraid of difficulties, that overcomes them in order to fulfill your obligations completely.

What means shall we take, dear daughters, to correspond to our holy vocation?" 

Reflection: Undoubtedly, for Madeleine Sophie, the vocation to religious life from the Sacred Heart was a great and very important mission because it is to be witnesses of the pierced love of Jesus, which includes everyone from what we are. 

We have been given a life, a mission, and a vocation. In the Society of the Sacred Heart we have grown, learned, loved, suffered... Let us take a moment of silence and let us deepen these words that Madeleine Sophie says to us again today in today…

After sharing personal prayer invite to:

  • Pray for the Society of the Sacred Heart, that we may witness to the faithful love of the Heart of Jesus.
    Let us pray to the Lord.
  • For the youth, especially for women who are able and willing to offer their lives to the Society of the Sacred Heart.
    Let us pray to the Lord.
  • For the countries in conflicts, wars, for those who must leave their places looking for opportunities.
    Let us pray to the Lord.

End together asking the Spirit to help us to "save souls" from the Heart of Jesus.