Praying with the world at this time of global pandemic

At this time of global pandemic 
we pray for the sick and the suffering….
for all of us who feel fear and anxiety….
We thank all those who are in the frontline
—  doctors, nurses, medical and hospital staff, 
carers, family members, friends, and strangers —
and pray for their safety, health, and strength.
We pray for decision-makers and law enforcers,
that they may be guided in their choices and actions.
We pray for the scientific community,
that they may find the way to contain this coronavirus and render it powerless.
We pray for Mother Earth,
that she may recover from the exhaustion and devastation we have caused her to suffer,
and may she help us discover how to resist this virus,
how to restore the beauty and diversity of nature,
and how to renew ourselves and our lifestyles.
We pray for one another,
that we may
—  practice precaution without being paralyzed;
—  exercise social responsibility and think of the weakest and most vulnerable;
—  find creative ways of connecting, showing care, and sharing compassion;
—  devise ways to help those who will be most seriously affected by the steps taken to address this crisis; and,
—  listen and learn from this experience.
With trust and confidence, we cry out to our God of Life and Hope for mercy and healing....!