St. Madeleine Sophie, My Role Model

  • Love enables one to do things that one could not otherwise do.
    Love enables one to do things that one could not otherwise do.

Sophie’s life invites me to live my life to make known the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Love enables one to do things that one couldn’t otherwise do. In the early days of the Society, for example, the loving and forgiving way Sophie related to our Sisters who failed to welcome her in Amiens. Her love won them over. This opens my mind to the beauty of love.

I choose to follow in the footsteps of Sophie. Sophie was aware of the needs of her time for example the education of the girl-child. She awakens in me the desire to be alert to the needs of today for instance I am encouraged to be involved in working for climate change.

Sophie’s love for prayer and trust in God invites me to live a prayerful life She said, ”if I was to live again, I would live according to the Holy Spirit”; she had discovered the sweetness of prayer. Daily, I invoke the Holy Spirit’s guidance to discover practically what Sophie meant.

I am moved by Sophie’s love for animals and, in my turn, I am inspired to love them more.  I am discovering that different animals have different intelligences and lovely behaviors; this helps me to praise and glorify God for His creation.

Briefly, this short reflection on Sophie’s life inspires me to live humbly, lovingly and prayerfully.  


Cellina Komweru