Video: Closing of the 2016 General Chapter

  • Day 35: Unanimous vote to close the 2016 General Chapter

Barbara Dawson, our new Superior General, begins her closing conference with gratitude  --  gratitude to the "courageous and faithful women of the Society who have paved the way for us" and to "our people, sisters and brothers, who have encouraged us to go deeper, to take risks, to be faithful, who have prayed with us, lived with us and shared our passion for mission."

After bringing together different aspects of our lived experience during this five-week General Chapter, she then invites each one of us "to be the leaven for the bread of our future, to not be afraid of the fire, to be tenders of the flame, to risk the possibility of being burned from time to time."

As we now return to our provinces, we "... go forward in hope to live the mission, as women of fire and sowers of seeds of new life."

This video puts together Barbara Dawson's closing conference,
video clips of our experiences together over these last five weeks,
the rituals at the closing of the General Chapter, and the final Eucharist.

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Closing of the 2016 General Chapter