Videos: Messages from some capitulants


As we ended Week 3 of the General Chapter,
we invited some RSCJ to share about their experience.


Click on the name or photo of the RSCJ
to access each of these videos.





Gerardette Philips (INS)                 Lim Tae Youn (KOC)                    Joan Pender (ANZ)



Sheila McNamara (ENW)              Suzanne Cooke (USC)




Elisabeth Masala-Nzau (RDC)          Françoise de Pous (TCH)               Noëlle Favet (BFN)




Cibele Barbosa da Silva (BRA)             Válery Jaques (ARU)



María José Arana (ESP)                      Edith Opazo (CHI)

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