Year of Prayer with Rose Philippine Duchesne

Each Monday from November 18, 2017 to November 18, 2018,
we are urged to join in a Sacred Heart family communal prayer
prepared by RSCJ from throughout the world 
on topics that were the foundation of Philippine's 
passionate love for God and God’s people. 



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Week 10
Ilsemarie Weiffen rscj (CEU)
Week 9
Masako Egawa rscj (JPN)
Week 8
Boguslawa Ochal rscj (POL)
Maria Y rscj (KOC)
Elizabeth Kasyoka nscj (UGK)
Geneviève Bannon rscj (ANZ)
Phil Kilroy rscj (IRS)
Sheila Smith rscj (USC)
Katie Mifsud rscj (MAL)
Sharon Karam rscj (USC)
May this year of prayer with Philippine strengthen our capacity
to contemplate and listen to the heartbeat of God in ourselves and in our world.
May we, like Sophie and Philippine, be compelled by the love of the Heart of God, Jesus Christ.
May we believe in a gospel vision beyond what we can see or imagine
that “all may be One” and act with courage, confidence and persistence to make this vision a reality.
** Excerpts from the letter of Sister Barbara Dawson for the feast of St. Rose Philippine Duchesne


Thank you to the Bicentennial Committee of the Province of the United States - Canada for organizing this Year of Prayer.
Thank you to regional editors
Françoise Greffe rscj (BFN), Kim King rscj (USC), Elizabeth Nakayiza rscj (UGK), and Park Jeong Mi rscj (KOC)
for preparing the reflections sent from different parts of the world.