"You are anointed with the perfume of the Spirit...."

... What we are celebrating today – the fact that 11 women from four continents are giving themselves definitively to God for the sake of others – is a prophetic sign, a Scripture text that is being fulfilled: the hope that, in spite of everything, it is possible to repair broken dreams, to weave shared dreams that will alleviate suffering and bring happiness. It is possible to have another way of living with each other and of looking after each other on the journey.

You are anointed with the perfume of the Spirit so that you may pour it out by means of your way of life, wherever it is most needed. When perfume is poured on to healthy skin, it brings out its beauty, and opens it up to embrace: a sign of celebration and shared joy. When the perfume of the Spirit is poured on to skin that is damaged, it is an ointment that soothes, a gentle balm that heals even the deepest wounds… This is the perfume that Jesus poured out on the faces of the little ones and the downtrodden, those closest to His Heart — and this is the perfume that he wishes to continue to pour out with splendour through each of you.

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of the reflection shared by Mariola López Villanueva rscj
during the Final Profession Ceremony.