November 21: Following in the footsteps of Sophie…..

Our Lady of the Society. This portrait was in the chapel when Sophie and her companions made their act of consecration on the 21st of November 1800.

"When the day came the little group was in the attic chapel long before morning came through the mansard windows.  The candles on the altar illumined a picture of the Virgin Mother dressed in a flame-colored gown and a dark cloak, her face resting against the curly head of her Son….  On one wall was a picture of the Sacred Heart….  Father Varin offered mass, and at Communion time each of the postulants made aloud her act of consecration as the Sacred Host was held before her." 
The Society of the Sacred Heart
came into being on November 21, 1800.
St. Madeleine Sophie:  Her Life and Letters
by Margaret Williams RSCJ
The Society of the Sacred Heart lives on
through the women who follow in the footsteps of Sophie.
As we celebrate the Society's birthday,
we share five stories of women
who heard the call and responded…..
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     Vanesa Peralta  (ARU)                 Patricia Hevia  (ESP)                      Alicja Banach  (POL)



Lidia Gołębiewicz  (POL)             Linda Guerrero  (PER)







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