“Offer the gift received”

Today, 28 January 2015, thirteen Religious of the Sacred Heart received the name and devise which reflect their experience during their period of preparation for perpetual profession and which will accompany them individually and as a group as they live our vocation into the future.
Listening to the work of God in each one and in the group, Sister Kathleen Conan RSCJ, our Superior General, gave them the name:
Offer the gift received
with the devise
From his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.
(Jn 1:16)
Over the last months, as they "opened their being with trust and courage to the depth of God's love," they received from God’s fullness grace upon grace!  Some of these gifts, which they freely receive and desire to offer include "love, new relationship with Jesus, experience of one's self, and community."  Their offering can be concretely expressed using words drawn from their experience:
“As disciples of Jesus, we want to continue to offer his gift:  to welcome and to listen — to students, to families, to those in need; to love with tenderness; to wipe the faces of those who are wounded;  to approach fragility with compassion; to heal, to free, to restore life;  to wash feet with humility; to serve with joy; to reconcile and to build communion; that is, to be like Jesus, to live and share his love.” 
With Sister Conan, we pray for our Sisters:
"The moment of your final profession is approaching!  With you, with your provinces and with the whole Society we will celebrate God’s faithfulness and yours as you offer yourselves forever to God and God’s way of loving.  We pray that you may always be open to receiving God’s grace!  With confidence, gratitude and joy, we send you to offer to God’s people the gifts you receive, to be a source of grace, life and love for others!"

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