One Heart, One Soul in the Heart of Jesus: DRC-Chad’s Song for Madeleine Sophie

This song, composed by Sister Elisabeth Masala rscj in 1991, is dedicated Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat. We usually sing it on May 25 at Mass, as a thanksgiving. The content of the song is our motto: Cor unum et anima una in corde jesu (one heart, one soul in the heart of Jesus). The verses express the two passions of Madeleine Sophie Barat:

  • For a child’s soul, she would have founded the Society the Society of the Sacred Heart.
  • A heart tuned to that of Jesus, entirely given over to His Father and to mankind. 

The video features the community of Gombe, singing in the Sacred Heart Parish of Gombe: Noel Maziku; Sr. Albertine Masunzwene; Sr. Gandhi Nsonsa; postulant Prisca Mansanga; Sr. Ruphine Ndimbani and Sr. Annette Nsukula.

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