A prayer for Mater from the Instituto Mater Sagrado Corazón

As part of the celebration of Mater Admirabilis, the Instituto Mater Sagrado Corazón in Mexico decided to give voice to the students from the different sections: preschool, elementary, middle and high school, as they recite the AMASC 2017 prayer to MATER, written by Pilar Frech, a member of our educational community. In this way we reinforce our love for Mater with this year’s motto “Together We Weave Nets of Hope”.


Mater, I contemplate your image, your hands
I learn about you as a spinner

and a weaver of faith.
Because you know you are a woman inhabited by God
Convey us your serene joy
That springs from the certainty of knowing
In whom your hope is placed

A weaver of life, because it is life that has been woven into your body
Teach us to interweave
His life, with ours, with others, with the world

Weaver of hope
In moments of uncertainty and pain
Give us the strength of your tenderness
To bring peace and hope to those who suffer

Weaver of unity, since everything in you is harmony
We ask that our work integrate
Restore and bring forth the beauty
That the Lord has placed in each of His children.

Mater Admirabilis,
give us the strength of your perseverance
To persevere in the mission that has been entrusted to us

Mater Admirabilis,
teach us to weave a thread
That will tie us
To your son.

Mater Admirabilis,
Accompany our interweaving of life with others
For, as the poet says,
Not to arrive alone and early,
But with everyone and on time.


Prayer: AMASC
Instituto Mater Sagrado Corazón
San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León – Mexico
October 2022

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