“Love as I have loved you”

On Thursday, 24th of January 2019,
eleven RSCJ, who are in Rome for probation
(a period of intensive preparation for final commitment),
received their name and devíse. 


Since the time of St. Madeleine Sophie, each probation group has been given a name and a devíse that will accompany them as they live their vocation into the future. While these are a unique gift to each probation group, it is also an invitation to the whole Society of the Sacred Heart.

Today, Superior General Barbara Dawson RSCJ gave this probation group their name and devíse:

With your final profession, you are joining Sophie who learned to love through friendships and suffering.  She loved to say that she was born of fire and her only desire was to give the fire of Jesus’ love to the world.  Sophie attuned her heart to Jesus’ heart, saying I have come to bring fire on earth, and how I wish it were already kindled (Luke 12, 49). And each one of us is called to do the same.     
Therefore, we have chosen as your name for probation the same call that accompanied Sophie during every moment of her life:
Love as I have loved you    (John 15: 12)
And this is the devise that will mark the way that you as a probation community live your name.
The fire of Jesus’ love opens our hearts 
to the heartbeat of the world and the cries of God’s people.

We ask that Jesus will continue to be the fire of your life and love. And that Mary, the one who taught Jesus how to love, the first woman of the early Christian community, will teach you to be tender and courageous. And Sophie, our oldest sister, who proclaimed her love for Jesus and the Church with depth, strength, courage and fidelity, will be with you as a sister and mentor along your life journey.
As our Sisters make their final profession on Sunday, the 27th of January, we will rejoice with each of them, with their provinces, and with the whole Society. We join the Central Team in praying for them:
May the Father’s love attune your heart to Jesus’ heart.
May you learn from Jesus his way to meet people 
and walk with them on their path.

May the Holy Spirit enflame your heart with joy 
and may your joy become joy for others.

We ask this in the name of God, Father and Mother, 
through Jesus our brother and friend 
and in the power of the Spirit who is with you forever.


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